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Virtual Data Room Review

A virtual data room is a smart move for every business. This is an excellent method to safeguard important information and documents. These rooms are available through a number of different companies that include ShareFile from Citrix, Drooms NXG, and Brainloop.


iDeals Virtual Data Room is an online service that allows users to store, share documents, and collaborate in a secure manner. iDeals is a top choice for large corporations and legal organizations, as well as leading international banks. In contrast to data rooms with only a few features, iDeals offers a simple interface as well as a broad range of options. Moreover, iDeals provides comprehensive support.

iDeals lets users upload files from multiple sources. Uploading files is fast and easy. It is also possible to track the download and browsing of documents. The data room is also equipped with a watermark and real-time auditing. These features work well on diverse devices and under various operating situations. The iDeals platform is compatible with iOS and Android.

iDeals has a Q&A function that lets customers ask questions and get the information they need. The support team is available in several languages, and is available anytime.

In addition to In addition to Q&A function, iDeals provides a “Fence View” option to shield users from external attacks. Two-factor authentication is available on the iDeals platform. This security option stands out from the competition. This feature protects against malicious rooms

iDeals offers a 30-day free trial. This trial period allows users to try out all the features of the platform without exposing your data. Customers can reach the support team throughout the trial time. This is a great feature for newcomers.

iDeals also allows users to pick from print-friendly reports. You can also ask for two encrypted USB hard drives. iDeals also offers the option of shredding files remotely.

Apart from these capabilities, iDeals also provides data security and watermarks. It is compatible with iOS and Windows.


Brainloop was established in the year 2000 and is a software service that assists businesses in protecting sensitive information. Brainloop offers a variety of services all in one. It has offices in Switzerland and Germany.

Brainloop’s data room virtual is specifically designed to facilitate highly secure collaboration between users. This can be particularly beneficial during difficult financial transactions. It allows authorised individuals to access the database anytime, using a connected device. It also provides traceability of any activity.

Brainloop offers a variety of functions, including the an automated system for creating folders for meeting boards and easy access to documents that are important from mobile devices. Additionally, it offers encryption for documents prior to uploading or downloading. It also offers a no-cost trial for a period of time, and is available in four languages.

Brainloop is used by hundreds of corporations around all over the world. It helps secure sensitive information during financial and legal transactions along with research and development and communications with board members. It also allows companies to set their own security policies.

The virtual space of Brainloop can be used to facilitate M&A transactions. You are able to integrate it into your current infrastructure to allow safe remote collaboration. It can provide end-to end encryption and local storage that makes important information safer.

The business operates ISO 27001 certified, and has completed recertification by 2021. It has offices situated in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Its management team includes CTO Eike Schmidt and CEO Thomas Deutschmann. The company also provides a no-cost trial period as well as technical support.

Brainloop offers different packages, according to the scale of your company and the scope of your project. Pricing is determined also by the number of users. It’s difficult to get pricing information on the internet However, you may ask your service provider to provide an estimate.

ShareFile is a product of Citrix

Citrix ShareFile, unlike traditional share sites for files and is an online environment which allows users to exchange content. It provides a range of tools that can be customized to the requirements of your business. The software is fully compliant with industry standards and includes more than 25 security features. It also offers advanced analytics that deliver information on downloads and views.

Searches can be conducted using keywords. Users can further filter their results by uploader and full text. In addition, users may also ask private questions. This makes it simple to discover the information they are looking for without spending a long time searching through hundreds of files.

Citrix offers white-labeling capabilities that allow users to personalize the user interface. It also includes an audit log, and permits granular access permissions. Administrators can see the activities of users and what files they are using. This prevents the copying of information and also unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Citrix ShareFile provides two-factor authentication. They also use 256-bit SSL encryption to secure all uploaded files. This ensures that documents sent to web browsers are secure, which means only users who are authorized can gain access to these files. The browser also has the ability to scan for malware.

Citrix ShareFile also offers a virtual data room. It is an online platform which allows clients with an unlimited number of users to collaborate on data in real-time. Additionally, you can use it to automate workflows and secure your data.

Additionally, Citrix ShareFile offers a 7-day trial trial that is free for new users. The users can ask for help using chat, or via the knowledgebase online. Video tutorials on onboarding are also available.

Drooms NXG

The ideal Virtual Data Room (VDR), can make a big change to a company’s strategy for managing documents. There are many options available to choose from, but it’s important that you choose one that meets your specific demands.

Drooms NXG Virtual Data Room automates due diligence. It offers a broad array of functions, such as the ability to report on activity and management of Q&A. It is the user who’s on the front of the software’s layout. It comes with a simple design and flat learning curve. The innovative Find Manager can be a valuable instrument for document searches.

The transfer of information to the company’s servers is secured because they are located in Germany. Its SSL connection utilizes 256-bit keys for strength as well as AES encryption. The connection also complies with GDPR.

Drooms NXG implements IP filtering. This ensures data privacy. This company’s Finding Manager also uses artificial intelligence to perform content-sensitive searches. It also includes page previews as well as live document previews.

VDRs come in many varieties, so it’s essential to conduct your research in order to choose the best one that meets your needs. Be aware of pricing and other features. Contact customer support. There is a chance that you won’t be able to access the software at all from the majority of VDR businesses. Some offer support 24/7.

Drooms offers a free trial to give users an idea of what the virtual data space has to offer. The app can be downloaded as a mobile app for your iPhone and iPad. It is also possible to create your own data room with the proprietary browser.

The business also provides optional education and 24/7 assistance. It also provides three different models, allowing you to pick the one that is best for you.


Founded in 2010, CapLinked is a web-based workspace that offers secure and convenient document sharing. CapLinked offers a variety of features to help teams to collaborate on their projects and conclude transactions quicker. Its customer support is available 24/7. Founded by a group of people in United States, CapLinked has locations located in South Africa, India, and in the UAE. It is endorsed by several prominent media organizations.

CapLinked offers document control and version control features that enable users to maintain track of changes to documents. CapLinked is also compatible with Microsoft OneDrive and Box. Its integrated instant messaging lets users exchange messages with collaborators directly inside the application.

CapLinked has an interface that allows users to monitor the activity in the system. It is an centralized hub for all actions. Users can see the feed of activity as well as notifications. Users can also manage messages, contacts, as well as important data.

Users are also able build workspaces via the dashboard. The workspaces allow for private document sharing in a secure setting. The workspaces are accessible through mobile and desktop computers. They’re ideal for managing capital raising, M&A transactions, and due diligence tasks. Uploading files can be done fast.

CapLinked offers document management solutions which integrate into Microsoft Office. Users can view files in Microsoft Word and PDF formats. The documents can be edited from a web browser. The user interface is straightforward to navigate, and it works on all platforms.

CapLinked also provides a secure cloud-based workspace. The dashboard is designed to make it simple to create workspaces fast and effectively. The workspaces are useful to share files with brokers, conducting due diligence, and handling M&A transactions.

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